Write in Reader 2 Lesson 6:
Story: The Three Little Pigs Go Online
Vocabulary Page: 52-53
Story Page: 54-61
Link: http://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/reading/journeys/tx/gr4/wir_9780547355184_/launch.html#
Vocabulary Cards PPT:

Vocabulary Cards Link (Can Print Out Handout):
Vocabulary Sentences:

Vocab Word PPT

Vocab Match Smartboard File

Vocab Multiple Choice Smartboard File

Lesson 6 Spelling Pattern: Vowel Sounds u, yoo, and oo (ui, ue, ew, u_e, and ou)
Lesson 6 Word Sort:

Lesson 6 Word Sort PPT:

Lesson 6 Spelling Sentences:

Resource: Journeys Book

Worksheets: (How many sounds?, Sound Boxes, Copy and Cover)

Spelling PPT:

Weekly Syllables Sheet:

Syllable PPT:

Worksheet with Chips

PPT with Chips

Lesson 6 Reading Skill: Compare and Contrast

ELL Sheets:

Toolkit Sheets:

Venn Diagram:

Lesson 6 Vocabulary Skill:Suffixes -y and -ous

ELL Sheets

Journeys Practice Book Sheet page 63

Lesson 6 Tests
Vocabulary Test

Comprehension Test