Unit 1 Lesson 1 Materials:
Write in Reader 4 Lesson 1:
Story: Paige Starts Over
Vocabulary Page: 2-3
Story Page: 4-5
Link: http://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/reading/journeys/tx/gr4/wir_9780547355184_/launch.html
Lesson 1 Vocabulary:
Vocabulary Cards PPT:

Vocabulary Slide with all 5 Words:

Vocabulary Cards Link (Can Print Out Handout):
Vocabulary Sentences:

Lesson 1 Spelling Pattern: Long a and Short a (ai, ay, ea, a_e, a)

LETRS Introduction Lesson 1:

Resource: Journeys Book

Worksheets: (How many sounds?, Sound Boxes, Copy and Cover)

Spelling PPT:

Weekly Syllables Sheet:

Syllable PPT:

Worksheet with Chips

PPT with Chips

Decoding Lesson:

Lesson 1 Reading Comprehension Skill: Story Elements

ELL Sheets for Comprehension Skill:
Intervention Sheet: Clever Hare and Story Map
Projectable C-31 A

Story Map

Comprehension Lesson:

Lesson 1 Vocabulary Skill: Prefixes

ELL Sheets for Vocabulary Strategy - Prefixes:
Vocabulary Strategy Lesson:

Practice Book Page 3:
Lesson 1 Tests
Vocabulary Test

Comprehension Test

Spelling List - Copy and Cover
List B

List C

Spelling Contract

Write in Reader Level 4 Vocabulary Cards

Write in Reader Level 4 Vocabulary Sentences

Write in Reader Level 4 Vocabulary Test

Vocabulary Strategy - Prefixes

Comprehension Skill - Story Elements

Story Elements PPT

Reference: Tool Kit Lesson 31 - Plot

Lesson 1 Worksheets PPT

Projectable C-31 A

Projectable C-31 B

Projectable C-31 C (Goes with Leveled Story "Paul the Artist)

R-2B (Goes with C-31 A and C-31 B)

Modified Version R-2B