Unit 1 The Geography of Pennsylvania

Chapter 1:

PA Symbols PPT

Continents and Oceans

Introduction Lesson

Introduction Lesson (Includes "Continents Song")

YouTube Continent Song (with info about each continent)
Notebook Files to Review the Continents and Oceans

Continents, Oceans, Equator, and Prime Meridian

Continents and Oceans Jeopardy Game

Continents (Drag and Drop) Game
Continents and Oceans Worksheet

Resources from Ms. Zgonc:

Here are a bunch of good websites to practice the continents and oceans with your kids.










Compass Rose:

Lesson and Practice:

Compass Rose - Drag and Label Interactive

Cardinal Directions:

Cardinal Directions Video:
Cardinal and Intermediate Directions:

Maps and Globes

Using Maps

Parts of a Map Lesson:

Maps - Unlocking Meaning:

Different Kinds of Maps:

PA Map Features

Introduction PPT

Interactive Labeling Activity

[[#|Test]] Review

Adapted PA Map Test

Chapter 1 Worksheets

Exploring PA page 2

Pennsylvania's Land page 4

Pennsylvania's Land and Water page 6

Resources from Ms. Zgonc

http://www.heinzhistorycenter.org/secondary.aspx?id=86 - This is an excellent site about the Meadowcroft Rock Shelter near Pittsburgh that they mention in our book for Chapter 3 next week. It has a virtual tour of the shelter, photographs, and a tour of an early Native American village!
http://www.lenapelifeways.org/ - This is an excellent site about the Lenape.
http://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/namerica/usstates/paland.htm - This is a good site for landforms of PA.
http://surfnetkids.com/directory/History/ - This website has tons of resources for history and geography.
On BrainPOP there are some topics for social studies for next week
Chapter 3 -
Agricultural Revolution – Talks about hunter-gatherers
American Indians – Talks about the Bering Strait and the first people in the Americas
Here’s one about Benjamin Franklin. It’s the book What’s the Big Idea, Benjamin Franklin. Very information with lots of great facts.
Here is a link to an excellent site for the French and Indian War that is in the next chapter in social studies.

First Pennsylvanians Jeopardy Game

Unit 2 Early Pennsylvania

Unit 3 Forming a New Country

Unit 4 Challenge and Growth

Unit 5 Pennsylvania Today

Let's Learn the 50 States Video: Teacher and the Rockboats "Lets Learn the 50 States"