Unit 5 Review Sheets and Quizzes

Unit 5 Math Boxes (File too large...see Miss Mott for a copy)
Unit 5 Handout

Lesson 5.1 Multiply with Zeros

Math Masters 70

Math Masters 71

Study Link 5.1

Lesson 5.2 Place Value in Decimals

5.2 Extended Multiplication Facts Page 74

Math Masters 72

Study Link 5.2

Lesson 5.3 Logic Problems

Study Link 5.3

Lesson 5.4 Estimating

Math Masters Page 78

Study Link 5.4

Rounding Lesson

Rounding Rhyme

Rounding PowerPoint (from Mrs. Gregory)

Extra Practice Rounding Worksheet 51-52

Round About Rounding Worksheet

Soaring with Numbers Worksheet

Estimating Sums to the Nearest 10 and 100

Estimating Sums Worksheet

Estimating Products PowerPoint

Estimating Products Worksheet PPT


Lesson 5.5 Multiplication with Regrouping
(Tip: Tic Tac Toe X and O for 2 x 2 Multiplication)

Study Link 5.5

Multiplication Worksheets

Lesson 5.6 Multiplication Number Stories

Lesson 5.7 Lattice Method

Lesson 5.8 Reading and Writing Big Numbers

Lesson 5.9 Powers of Ten and Partial Products Method

Lesson 5.10 Rounding and Many Names for Powers of Ten

Study Link 5.10

Lesson 5.11 Traveling to Europe

Study Link 5.11

Lesson 5.12

Unit 5 Review Lesson

Worksheet for Review Lesson

Homework Sheet

Additional Lesson

Unit 5 Test Page 1 and 2

Page 3